What is PCR Recyclabled Bottles and Jars?

July 11, 2022

We are in the same world. The plastic are bringing us too much convenient. Such as cosmetic plastic PET bottles, skin care PE bottles, eye cream plastic PP jars and bags. There are many plastic things around us. How to make the plastic to be recyclable material is very helpful for us.

That is PCR which is short for post-consumer recycled.

PCR products are made from recycled plastic in our daily life. So we can use the plastic cosmetic bottles and plastic airless bottles again.

How is PCR plastic made?

The PCR plastics production start with the collection of post-consumer waste. Through specialized sorting by manual and machines. And then cleaning, reheating and grinding. The PCR raw material granule is produced. At last this granulate will be used to make new injection products. Such as plastic travel bottles, plastic travel jars, medical capsule bottle, cosmetic plastic tubes.

What is the advantage to use PCR material?

The plastic reuse is not only a cost-effective, but also a waste reduction. It’s can be used again and again. And help to reduce the pollution too. There are more benefits below.

Save our limited fossil resource and water

Reduce CO2 emissions

Help to green our world

Save import duty costs because of the recycled policy


What percentage of PCR material we can add?

Normally, our plastic are brand new material. We can add 30% PCR, 50% PCR and 100% PCR into new materials. With the recyclable PCR materials, you can get a lower import duty costs when you import plastic bottles and jars from China. Because there are many countries have new policy to reduce the import tax.

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